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The complete terms and conditions of the agreement between all parties and Blue Bell Consulting, Inc. (The Company) appear on this agreement.  If you need further explanation of any item, ask for a clarification prior to the start of the inspection.  You may reject this agreement, and you will not be charged for meeting and no inspection will be performed.


The Company agrees to perform a non-invasive, visual examination of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of the structure or essential components of a residential dwelling.  The inspection report will document the findings of that inspection.  It is not humanly possible to find every defect and flaw in all systems in a home during this type of inspection. A technically exhaustive inspection may be ordered if time permits.  That inspection is conducted by structural, heating, electrical, and plumbing specialists, and Blue Bell Consulting, Inc.  The cost is ten times the fee for this type of inspection and requires 30 days for scheduling the various experts. The Inspector will rate the observations made during this inspection.  The rating system applied in the document is explained on the first page of the inspection report.  A further explanation of the grading system or any aspect of the report may be obtained at the time of the inspection and by phone call after the inspection is performed. The inspection rates the performance of the item on the day of the inspection only.  No prediction of the future performance of items tested or observed is included.  Any item on any home may fail at any time regardless of its condition at the time of the inspection.  The Manual that is included with this inspection report contains a section (9P) that covers probable life and replacement costs of home items. It is not to be construed as a warranty or guarantee as to the performance or replacement costs of home items.  It is merely a reference table.  A Home Warranty that provides protection against unforeseen costs in the maintenance of a home may be available from your Realtor or other sources.  The purpose of the inspection is to identify defects in the home’s systems and components.  The report identifies problems that have a significant adverse impact on the value of the property or that involve an unreasonable risk to the people or the property.  These items are specified in the ten-page check list report that will be faxed and/or e-mailed following the completion of the inspection.  Copies will be mailed upon request only.  This report may be examined before we start the inspection, and, if rejected, no inspection will be performed and no fee charged for the meeting.  The items included are consistent with Pennsylvania statutes and guidelines set by professional inspection associations such as ASHI.  Please Note: Radon testing is not included in a standard inspection but may be ordered separately.  Radon is a Class A carcinogen, and the EPA recommends that all homes be tested for radon.  The inspection will be performed by a “generalist” who has knowledge of accepted building practices and the general performance of the home’s systems.  The inspector is representing The Company and is not representing any contracting company. The inspector will not perform a building code inspection nor interpret building, construction, municipality or zoning codes. 


Any dispute, controversy, interpretation, or claim, including claims for, but not limited to breach of contract, any forms of negligence, fraud, or misrepresentation arising out of, from, or related to this contract, or arising out of, from, or related to this inspection report shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration under the Rules and Procedures of the Expedited Arbitration of Home Inspection Disputes of Construction Arbitration Services, Inc.  The decision of the Arbitrator appointed thereunder should be final and binding, and judgment on the Award may be entered in any Court of competent jurisdiction.  NO WARRANTY REGARDING FUTURE PERFORMANCE OF ITEMS IS PART OF THIS INSPECTION.  A RANGE OF REPAIR COSTS ON ITEMS THAT CAN SUBSTANTIALLY DIMINISH THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTY CAN BE FOUND IN THE MANUAL PRESENTED AT THE TIME OF THE INSPECTION.  THESE PRICES ARE A RANGE ONLY.  THE COMPANY ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILTY TO COMPENSATE THE BUYER IF ACTUAL QUOTES DIFFER FROM PRICE RANGES OFFERED.  THE COMPANY ALSO WILL NOT ACCEPT GRATUITY IF THE PRICE RANGES EXCEED ACTUAL COSTS. 

Mold spores are present in every home.  No testing or determination of the presence or possible health concerns regarding molds is included in the inspection.  Dampness in a home can create habitats for mold growth.  A non-intrusive inspection of all readily accessible areas will be conducted for the presence of conditions conducive to the growth of mold.  Any evidence of conditions will be tested for elevated moisture levels.  If these conditions are observed, they will be noted in the report.  If you have health concerns regarding mold, please check with the U.S. EPA, the PA DER, and your physician for information.

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The Company reserves the right to refuse to inspect any portion of the home or item that may be viewed as dangerous or where access to the system may result in damage to the home, the container for the system, or the system itself.  Items beyond plain view or that require the disassembly of the system in order to examine fully, such as, but not limited to, heat exchangers, boilers, and electric furnaces should not be considered examined. 


This inspection is not to be construed as a warranty or guarantee of the performance of any item examined or tested.  Warranties on the overall performance of existing homes are available and are a form of insurance not included in this inspection.  The Company is hereby released of all claims, liability, and responsibility regarding the performance of tested items beyond the time of the inspection.  The Company is released from all claims regarding unreported defects or deficiencies or any consequential damage, property damage including the cost to repair or replace items, or personal injury as a result of failure by an inspected or uninspected system.  In the event that The Company or its Agent is found to be liable as a result of the performance of the inspection due to breach of contract, willful negligence, or willful misrepresentation or any other theory of liability as determined by a court of law, The Company limits same liability to a cost equal to five times the cost of the inspection.  The Client agrees to waive all rights to any recourse, claims, or action against The Company if same action or claim is not initiated within one year of the date of the inspection.  In the event an action is taken against Blue Bell Consulting, Inc. and a judgment is not rendered against Blue Bell Consulting, Inc.  the person who initiates the claim will be held liable for all legal costs incurred by the company for defense against such claim, and he/she will also be held liable for all time spent by Blue Bell Consulting, Inc. defending the company against such action.  The inspection will NOT include the identification of or the presence of hazardous materials, environmental violations, or potentially harmful substances, such as but not limited to asbestos, carbon monoxide, electric and magnetic fields, lead, radon, insect or animal infestations, molds, fungi, or other substances that may result in allergic or adverse medical reactions.  Also excluded are unstable or expansive clay soils, urea formaldehyde foam, contaminated water sources, malfunctioning septic systems, items not in plain view, or any latent defects. The following items will not be part of the inspection:

Security alarms and systems

Low voltage electrical systems



Swimming pools

Microwave ovens

Trash compactors

Clothes washers & dryers

Smart house systems

Water softeners


Heat exchangers


Remote controlled devices

Radio controlled devices

Communication systems


Hot tubs

Photoelectric or motion operated devices

Septic systems

Sprinkler systems

Private water sources


The home inspection is performed according to ASHI Standards and Practices. Radon testing may be ordered as a separate test with a separate report.  Wood infestation inspection, lead hazard screening, and other services may be performed at the same time as this inspection.  Any services performed by other contractors would be covered by the firm performing those inspections and tests and are subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of the reports submitted by those companies.  A Home Warranty to provide protection regarding the performance of specified systems beyond the day of the inspection may be purchased.  Your Realtor may offer such warranties.  The costs of these warranties are paid to the company providing the warranty.  They are not affiliated with Blue Bell Consulting, Inc.  These warranties are subject to the terms and conditions stated by the company providing them.  Blue Bell Consulting, Inc. is not a party to any such warranty.  The client whose name appears on the reverse side of this agreement intends this inspection for use.  The client agrees to release The Company from all third party claims filed against the client as a result of this inspection.  This releases The Company from all claims brought by individuals who are not a party to this agreement.  The parties to the transaction are the client/buyer who has reviewed this document and The Company, Blue Bell Consulting, Inc.


The Company carries no insurance for the identification, testing, remediation, removal, of mold.  Nor does it carry any insurance for reconstruction of mold damaged areas, nor liability insurance for any protection for health related problems, sickness, allergic reaction or illnesses that may arise from an individual’s exposure to mold that may be present in the home.  Mold may develop within 24 to 48 hours of the home experiencing wetness from any source.  A home that is free of conditions conducive to the growth of mold may not have been before the inspection nor after.  If concerned about mold, hire a professional who tests for mold, who is paid a fee for that testing, and will assume responsibility for the presence of mold.  

Outbuildings, including detached garages, are exclusive of the inspection unless discussed at the scheduling of the inspection.  These may be included at an additional charge. 2/03