New Construction

Our home is new, why would we need an inspection? New custom built homes frequently have an architect who oversees the builder. If you feel comfortable with this on sight supervision, the need for an inspection is less. If you are buying a customized home that is basically in a subdivision, the main source of supervision is the local building inspectors. In some municipalities, they are excellent, in other, they are non existent. Do you know which township inspector you have? In many cases, your home is being built in an area where you have no idea who the building inspector is or just how often he is checking your home. Frequently, building inspectors are faced with many projects running in the municipality at the same time. They are like fire extinguishers being called out to emergencies. Often they are spread too thin. Adding another layer of supervision, a private home inspector, can often show up details that the local inspector just didn't see due to his work load. You are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the home. An additional investment of several hundred dollars makes sense. It's easier to fix a problem before the house is finished than after you are in it. Some builders will not let you hire a private inspector. What does that tell you about the builder, and the local inspectors? After twenty five years of construction experience I have never seen a municipal inspector with a ladder. Ask them how they are going to check the roof? A bad roof is expensive to fix, and the damage it can cause can be much more expensive. In your new home purchase, it pays to have someone who knows construction on your side.