You have a lot to think about. Let us put your mind at ease. For starters, we offer the home inspection, radon and wood infestation inspections as a package so you don't have to worry about scheduling each inspection. Next, we offer weekend inspections. If you are coming in from out of town, we can perform the inspection on a Saturday or even a Sunday if that's the only time you have available. If you are just too busy to attend the inspection, our ten page report and three hundred page manual should help you understand what was covered. If you do not attend the inspection, you have forfeited your right to review the agreement, and therefore, lost the opportunity to clarify any points in the agreement before the inspection.

If you are coming from out of town you may be concerned about our credentials. Your inspection will be performed by Gerry Aubrey, an ASHI certified home inspector. Mr. Aubrey has over twenty five years of construction experience. He did not take a course or buy a franchise and suddenly become a home inspector. He has been actively involved in residential construction on all levels with professional training in structure, mechanical systems, and roofing. As an ASHI certified inspector, he is constantly involved in continual education in the home inspection profession. He is published regularly on home maintenance and has a column that appears in fifteen newspapers. The radon testing system we use is a continuous monitor tamper proof system. It will tell you the hourly rate of radon in the house. It will also report if the devise has been moved or if the home experienced a power failure during the inspection. It is the state of the art in radon testing. Our wood infestation examination is for all wood infestation insects, not just termites. It also comes with a six month written guarantee against infestation. If termites appear in the home within six months of the inspection, your home is treated at no charge!

And the last item that can be critical for people relocating, our report will be faxed to you the next day! We often fax the report to the hotel or Korman suite where you are residing during the relocation process. A hard copy of the report will also be sent to your permanent residence. We have been working for years with Merck, Unisys, Smith Kline Beachum, Aetna U. S Health Care people. We understand your unique situation, and gear our plan to help simplify your move.