Termites and other wood destroying insects can seriously damage a home. Termites are a subterranean insect that exists in very structured societies. Their goal in life is to locate wood by smell. They then tunnel to it and eat it. They build tubes to gain access to the wood so they are not exposed to light. Termites look like ants but their bodies are not segmented. Some are air born for a very short period of time in the Spring. Most banks and lending institutions require some form of termite or wood infestation inspection prior to providing funding in the real estate transaction. If the termites are doing their job perfectly, you will never see them. But they do penetrate the wood surface occasionally, and also build the tell tales tubes. In Southeastern Pennsylvania termites are a real concern. Also present in this area are powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. Termites can also feed on paper material such as the paper in drywall, or old newspapers left outside the home. During the inspection we will provide you with tips for your own examination of the property, and suggestions for ways to reduce your chances of having termites visit in the future.

Blue Bell Consulting, Inc. does not perform termite or wood infestation inspections, but we can co-ordinate it so another company performs the inspection. In most cases, the inspection is performed during the home inspection.