Blue Bell Consulting, Inc. is owned by Gerry Aubrey. It is not affiliated with any contracting or national franchise company. We are a Home Inspection Company.

We will tell you approximately how much your inspection will cost BEFORE we meet you at the property. We are fully insured, and COMPETITIVELY PRICED!

We DON'T CHARGE MORE just because your house may cost more! Our rates are based on the size of the house not the price of the house! All inspections are performed to meet ASHI standards, and by an ASHI Certified Member.

Gerry Aubrey has over 3 decades of residential construction experience. He has technical training in a variety of areas from heating and air conditioning to slate and tile roofing restorations. He has supervised over four thousand residential contracting projects.

 He is a recognized expert in Home Construction. He is published frequently. His articles on Home Care appear in 15 newspapers throughout the Philadelphia area. He has also been published in national trade magazines. He has published two books, Maintain Me I'm Yours, and Roofing , From Asphalt to Zinc. He has been retained as a Consultant by many companies in the area. He has represented Certainteed Corporation as a trainer at seminars throughout the United States. Mr. Aubrey is also a Certified Member of ASHI and was elected to the Board of Directors of Tri-State ASHI in 2000. He served on the Board for 7 years.

He has performed training seminars for the American Society of Home Inspectors, (ASHI), the National Association of Home Inspectors, (NAHI), Ameri-Spec Home Inspections, a national inspection franchise company, the Kentucky and Tennessee Home Inspection Licensing Boards as well as for Contractors Network and the Journal of Light Construction. He has trained inspectors from Providence Rhode Island to Anaheim California. He has been an outside consultant with US Inspect for over 18 years.

Gerry also holds a Philadelphia license to perform home inspections and has trained home inspectors in seminars nationwide. He holds a Florida Home Inspection License.